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Jim home inspectionA well inspection provides additional benefit to owners by focusing heavily on plumbing, for plumbing-related defects tend to cause more serious problems. The inspector looks for leaks, measures water temperature and pressure, and performs other related tests on the different parts of the well.

Why Do I Need A Well Inspection?

A well inspection is not a requirement before fixing up one’s house. Most owners have at least some notion of needed repairs, replacements, or renovations. And there are plenty of resources, such as newspapers and the Internet, that publish do-it-yourself guides and helpful pointers. But you should hire a professional well inspector to play it safe. This is especially true if you are unsure about a potential water contamination or weakening of structural integrity. Left unattended, damage will worsen and it more costly to repair.

A well-written inspection report provided by a professional is a useful tool for the owner to realize savings. It gives recommendations for immediate action in some cases and more long-term monitoring in others. There should be an indication of appropriate servicing or maintenance for major systems. The owner will want to refer to the report from time to time for reminders on how to keep his home in good shape and assuage his worries.

Choose The Right Well Inspector

When choosing a well inspector, it is important to use one who is licensed and certified in your state and who is familiar with the local codes. The inspector should use laboratories that are licensed to test for various contaminants that may appear in the water. However, attentive homeowners who simply want to maintain their house in good condition may also be interested in using this service.

Hiring a professional inspector will help you to avoid inadvertently neglecting something and to accomplish an examination beyond your expertise and outside your comfort zone. Nipping problems in the bud will also save you from incurring more expensive repairs down the road.

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