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Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can you do the inspection?

We can usually schedule your inspection within a few days. Reports are usually delivered same day but always delivered within 24 hours. The actual inspection itself takes about 2 to 3 hours on average, however this can change depending on the size and process of the inspector.

How much is the inspection?

Pricing is based on size and age of the home as well as additional services such as radon air testing, water quality testing, septic inspection and more.  Please use our online schedule or call our office for exact pricing. Learn more about 3 factors that affect the cost of a home inspection.

Do I need to attend the inspection?

Clients are always encouraged to attend but it is not required.

When will I get the report?

Residential inspection reports are usually delivered the same day but always within 24 hours.  Commercial inspection reports can take 2-3 days to deliver.

Is a home inspection required?

Is a home inspection required? While a home inspection is not needed, it is still very important to have one when buying a house.

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