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Commercial Building Inspection Standards

Standards for Commercial Building Inspections A professional engineer or inspection company should always reference a standard of practice (SOP) when performing a commercial building inspection. A commercial SOP should be used on any property with a commercial use or a multi family building with 5 or more units. Commercial Building Inspections have two recognized standards.…

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Does a Building I’m Looking to Buy Need a Night Inspection?

Most purchasers of commercial property forget that a commercial building must remain protected in the evening. Indeed, vandalism, theft, and other types of property damage are a constant issue for commercial buildings that are left empty during the evening hours.  Accordingly, a very important facet of any building inspection, by any experienced Boston commercial inspection…

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Is There a Difference Between Commercial and Home Inspection?

You might think: An inspection is an inspection, right? Not so. There is actually quite a big difference between commercial and home inspections. Some property inspectors specialize in either residential or commercial properties. Some inspectors, however, like the home and commercial inspectors in Boston, Alpha Building Inspections, have the capacity and resources to specialize in…

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Ten Tips That Will Help You Negotiate Repairs or Reduce Costs After a Home Inspection

It is likely the biggest purchase you will make in your life. You are buying a home. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer, or you are working on closing on your sixth home, the process can still be fraught with surprises and unexpected challenges.  Indeed, we at Alpha Building Inspections consistently have clients who confide…