There are many things that you can do to ensure a safe and secure stay in your new house. Things like changing the locks, organizing the interior, and checking the necessary essentials, are all very critical for all new homeowners. One of the prime and foremost moves for all homeowners, however, should be to avail professional home inspection services like hot tub inspections and others. Most new homeowners often overlook the importance of this service because of inefficient planning or lack of adequate information. The reality is that despite the credibility of your realtors, home inspection services are invaluable and a matter of personal responsibility. That is why you should consider a company like ours to do a professional home inspection for you.

What Our Job Entails

As a proficient home inspection services provider, our job entails various forms of inspection services. We specifically engage in offering reliable hot tub inspections and general home inspections to all our clients. Such inspections are not only vital for making upgrades but they are also necessary for the long-term reliability and safety of your house. While it is possible to generally check the various systems within your house by yourself, you cannot be guaranteed of a clear disclosure without the services of a professional. Professional home inspection is thorough and analyzes every single system in the house. Such an inspection can detect any problems related to walls, panels, heating systems and other essential components of the house. We always give back comprehensive reports after every inspection, as well as, our recommendations. We advise on what needs upgrading, replacing or even a complete overhaul. Every aspect of our service is based on quality and we deliver our work in a timely fashion.

Why Work With Us? 

There are many advantages you will get by choosing us for your home inspection services. First, you are guaranteed to get quality work. We have a highly skilled team that does their work with an unmatched precision. We are able to pinpoint every fault and inadequacy in the system. In addition, we are guided by professional ethics such that our work is always guided by strict industry standards. Home inspection will be beneficial for you as you will manage to increase the lifespan of your home to a considerable duration. Our organization is quite reputable and we employ a hands-on approach to solve all our clients’ issues. We can guarantee you of reliable services that are offered at a competitive pricing in the market. We are always seeking excellence and our company will be the best choice for you for quality and overall value for money.

Home inspection services are indispensable. Our objective as an organization is to deliver a home that is safe and ready for occupancy. We go to great lengths to meet this objective and we have a reputation for that. We are focused on providing exhaustive home inspection at a great value. Having these services provided to you by a credible and reliable organization will definitely save you future costs.



Licensed Home Inspection Services in Greater Derry, Concord, Hudson, Merrimack & Manchester New Hampshire

Home Inspection Concord NH (Buyer’s Inspections)

  • Prelisting Home Inspection Hudson NH (Seller’s Inspection)
  • New Construction/New Home Inspection Derry NH(Pre-closing/Phase Inspections)
  • Builder’s Home Warranty Inspections Merrimack NH
  • Home Inspection Manchester NH
  • Relocation Home Inspection Concord NH (Employee Relocation Home Inspection NH)
  • Hot tub Inspections
  • Radon Air Testing Concord NH
  • Well Inspections Hudson NH
  • Septic System Inspections Manchester NH
  • Water Qualitiy Testing Derry NH
  • VA Pest Inspections
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Alpha Building Inspections is a professional home inspection company that is a member of Inter-NACHI and holds state licenses in Home Inspections, and certification in Wood Destroying Organisms, Well / Water Testing and Radon Gas Testing in Greater Derry, Concord, Hudson, Merrimack & Manchester New Hampshire.

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  • Home Inspection Concord NH (Buyer’s Inspections)
  • Pre Listing Home Inspection Hudson NH (Seller’s Inspection)
  • New Construction/New Home Inspection Derry NH (Pre-closing/Phase Inspections)
  • Builder’s Home Warranty Inspections Merrimack NH
  • Home Inspection Manchester NH
  • Relocation Home Inspection Concord NH (Employee Relocation Home Inspection NH)
  • Hot Tub Inspections
  • Radon Air Testing Concord NH
  • Well Inspections Hudson NH
  • Septic System Inspections Manchester NH
  • Water Quality Testing Derry NH

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