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It’s New Construction, what could be wrong?

Many home inspection services pertain to houses in the midst of real estate deal. Quite regularly the home inspection Jim using microwave testerbecomes a contingency that buyers put on the purchase agreement. It is also common practice for a seller to take the preemptive step of having an inspection before listing their property for sale.

You should get a new construction inspection on your newly built home. Hiring a professional inspector will help them you avoid inadvertently neglecting something and to accomplish an examination beyond your expertise and outside your comfort zone. Nipping problems in the bud will also save you from incurring more expensive repairs down the road.  If you’re able, get an inspection before the sheetrock goes up. This way the builder can fix and repair any issues that might later be covered up by the sheetrock. You should get a final inspection before you close on the property.

This is especially true if you are unsure about potential pest infestations or weakening of structural integrity. Left unattended, damage from wood-destroying organisms worsens and gets more costly to repair. What this part of the inspection includes is an investigation into the wood soundness of beams and joists and an examination of the foundation, footings, and posts for any signs of stress. The inspector will also watch for conditions that foster infestation, mold, or fungi. Examples of such conditions are areas heavy in moisture content, siding touching soil or vegetation, and standing water.

Some items have a limited life expectancy, and part of the inspector’s job is to project how much life is left in them. The main components falling in this category are the roof, furnace, air conditioner, and water heater. For all but the roof, there are additional things to check, including efficiency and capacity. The inspection also extends to draft air needs, venting, and chimneys.

For a comfortable living, there needs to be a happy medium of airflow, heat, and moisture. Having an impact on this comfort is whether there is the right amount of insulation, effective vapor barriers, and good ventilation. The home inspection pays attention to these three items, particularly in the out-of-way areas of crawl space and attic.

The New Home Inspections provides additional benefit to owners by focusing heavily on plumbing, for plumbing-related defects tend to cause more serious problems. The inspector looks for leaks, measures water temperature and pressure, and performs venting tests and exhaust fan tests. He also checks for any potential cross connections and associated preventative techniques such as dishwasher air gaps and hose bib backflow prevention.

The city or county building inspectors are checking for code violations and not looking at the quality of the work. Don’t be fooled by the builder or the representative when they say an inspection isn’t necessary, get your new home inspected.

Never Take Chances On One Of The Most Important Investments You’ll Ever Make – Get It Inspected!

This video goes to show you that you definitely need an inspection, even on new construction because you may not get what you paid for…

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