Hot Tub Inspections Portsmouth NH

Jim inspecting tankWe offer you quality inspection of your location to help you make quality decisions during purchasing, installing and maintenance of a hot tub.

We have helped many people like you with vital considerations such as:

  • Mistakes to avoid when choosing hot tub placement.
  • Installing hot tubs
  • Repair of hot tubs, pools, and spas, from plumbing to refurbishment.
  • Hot tub relocations- are you on the move? We are here to safely move your hot tub to your new location
  • Hot tub cleanings-cleans and eliminates contaminants and bacteria, let us drain and thoroughly clean your hot tub every 4 to 6 months.
  • Hot tub inspections-

There are many deaths of children, drowning and accidents that occur in pools. These and many more reasons may require inspection of your hot tub facility.

There are many reasons exist why you may require your hot tub inspected, for example when you are considering to buy a home or when you need a full check before your hot tub warranty reaches its expiry. The only sure way to check and confirm that your investment has many more years left of quality performance is to explore ways of protecting it. This is the very reason Home inspection services exist. We will send you a qualified technician who will carry out a complete assessment and provide you the assistance no one else could. We provide a quality written report and advice we have accumulated for the 35 years of business.

Our technician will check for:

  • Jet leakages
  • Plumbing leaks
  • The function and control of pumps, controls, and circuit boards
  • The flow system
  • Written inspection reports

Assessment without written reports is like doing some fruitless work. Our service department is able and willing to provide a written report to provide quality information to potential buyers and owners an accurate and up to date status of their pools. We cover everything during our inspection, ranging from equipment, pool infrastructure to underground lines and all that is within. After such assessment, we provide a report that reflects a number of costs the potential home buyer or owner expects to accrue in future.

Hot tube reports are essential for keeping your spa in check during and after the warranty. We test all conditions in your spa ranging from mechanical components to surfaces and accessories.

Advice and recommendations

You may have many reasons to have your hot tub inspected, but in all these reasons, we will be able to sort all problems that we detect during the process of checking so as to provide longevity in the performance of your hot tub or spa. Do not stress yourself, book a space for your report and allow us to provide the remedy to whatever is wrong in your pool or spa.

We have served for 35 years, we have rich knowledge in addressing any challenges you are encountering with your hot tub. Do not stress yourself. We are a doorstep away from you. Give us a call and we will be right there to help.

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