Alpha Building Inspections has fully trained, certified commercial inspectors on board who are well-known and easy to work with.

Whether you are buying or leasing a commercial building, it’s important to have a professional stick his head in and look around for defects before your entire business moves in. Because you don’t change your office space every day, a commercial building inspection makes even more sense.

Our commercial property inspectors in Massachusetts offer a 2-3 hour long inspection which includes areas that you want assessed as well as the ones you never knew need attending to.

Established in 1987, Alpha Building Inspections have assessed commercial properties of all shapes and sizes. So, rest assured that your building won’t be too big or too small to handle.

No matter the type of property, we will give you a detailed inspection report, outlining every major and minor defect that should help you make an informed buying decision or knock some dollars off the asking price.

Commercial Property Inspectors in Massachusetts

Commercial properties often receive more foot traffic than homes. That’s the reason why they require frequent maintenance and compliance procedures. In order to save money, most commercial building owners skimp on regular maintenance, which leaves the property feeble and vulnerable to environmental elements.

When you are out and about looking for a new office space, there are high chances that you will run into a poorly maintained property, and you can’t even tell the difference. If you buy that property and the worst comes to the worst, you will end up losing your money, time and peace of mind. Would you be able to buy your next office space after such a traumatic experience?

Our commercial property inspectors help you stay clear of a bad purchase by handing you a thorough inspection report before you make a buying decision. Our commercial inspection covers structural components and systems of the building and advise on repairs or any other suitable course of action.

Why Choose Us for Commercial Inspection?

Our commercial property inspectors in Massachusetts undergo a 2-week training before taking up their first inspection job, and they also attend annual skill development programs to stay up-to-date with the latest standards.

Our commercial building inspection meets the highest industry standards. And we always renew our liability insurance on time to keep any potential legal trouble off your fence.

We are driven to provide a thorough building inspection in Massachusetts, and we find both structural and system defects with passion.
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