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Home Inspection

Digging up a septic tank lid

How To Locate A Septic Tank

When buying a home that has a septic system instead of a city sewer connection, it is important to know things. Understanding where the drain field is, the septic tank needs for maintenance, and how…
Steve Mangekian
March 28, 2022
PEX pipes in the attic

Will PEX Freeze In Attic

Let's say that your plumbing under the slab of your home has issues. There is no real easy way to fix your plumbing, so you will have to re-route your pipes through the attic. In…
Steve Mangekian
March 1, 2022

Where Does Toilet Water Go

Believe it or not, thinking about where my toilet water goes is not a top priority. Oftentimes, as homeowners, we just ignore the obvious questions. Life has us so tied up and busy, that keeping…
Steve Mangekian
January 27, 2022