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Does a Building I’m Looking to Buy Need a Night Inspection?

building night inspection

Most purchasers of commercial property forget that a commercial building must remain protected in the evening. Indeed, vandalism, theft, and other types of property damage are a constant issue for commercial buildings that are left empty during the evening hours.  Accordingly, a very important facet of any building inspection, by any experienced Boston commercial inspection company, is to perform a night inspection.  

In this blog, we will take the time to discuss the various aspects of a night inspection typically performed by a reputable Boston commercial inspection company. As someone who is in the market for a commercial building, you should keep the need for a night inspection in mind. If Boston commercial inspection company with whom you are working does not do a night inspection, then you may want to either insist upon it, or look to retain the help of another Boston commercial inspection company. 

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Now let us look at the various night inspection points that you do not want your commercial building inspector to miss.

1. Airplane Warning Lights

While this certainly will not be a necessity for every single building inspection, for any tall building over about eight floors, you want to see if there are enough lights at the top of the building to clearly identify building height for any air traffic. Yet, even for buildings that are relatively lower to the ground, you still want to make sure there are appropriate airplane warning lights if the building is anywhere near a local airport.  

2. Sparks from Chimneys?

It is possible that a commercial building’s equipment may be giving off sparks from the chimney that cannot be noticed during daylight hours. Thus, a night inspection is necessary to see any sparking.

Whether you are dealing with a low, medium, or high temperature chimney, there is always a risk of sparks. In the event that a building does have sparking occurring, then it is important that an inspector check the chimney to make sure that it is functioning properly and does not need a cleanout or other maintenance.  

A thorough inspection may call for the need for spark arrestors, to ensure that the local residents do not worry that the building you are looking to buy is either on fire or poses an environmental hazard.

3. Energy Consumption during the Evening?

A major problem with many commercial buildings that are virtually empty during the evening is the continued use of energy throughout the building. Even with lights shut off, there might be a large electric draw given the number of items plugged into the building’s system. 

In addition, air conditioning may still be on at a certain level even though no one is occupying the building. Thus, a thorough evening inspection will be able to gauge the level of wasted energy used during the evening.

4. Operation of HVAC System at Night?

Even though a Boston commercial inspection company will be sure to look at a building’s HVAC (heating, ventilation, air-conditioning) system during the day. It is actually very instructive to also inspect the system as it operates during evening hours. That way, an inspector will be able to see whether the HVAC system is appropriately adjusting to minimize energy waste when no one is occupying the building.  

5. Appropriate Security and Safety?

Of course, going back to the concerns of vandalism and property damage discussed above, an inspector will need to see whether the security that has been chosen for the building, if any, is appropriate to the level of risk focused on the building in the evening hours.  

Relatedly, safety at night is also a priority for an inspector. An experienced inspector will be sure to see that there is proper illumination of the property at night. Not only does appropriate lighting minimize the chance of vandalism or theft, but it also will prevent accidents of those who may venture onto the property.

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