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Do to know different types of home inspections

By August 22, 2019March 29th, 2024Home Inspections

When you are looking for a home inspection service, it’s good to know your options so that you can choose the one that best suits your situation. You may not need the service you are being sold in the first place, and that makes knowing about home inspection types all the more important for you.
So here’s a compilation of seven different types of home inspection you should know about.

Standard home inspection

A standard home inspection covers the basics in each category. It will give you a fleeting overview of the plumbing, electrical, insulation, roofing and various structural aspects. This type of home inspection costs you less money and time as compared to other types mentioned below.

Disaster Damage

If you are looking at a property in a disaster-ridden area, you will want to run a disaster damage inspection to rule out the possibility of flood or storm damage before buying. Most home owners tend to sell their property after it has lived through a catastrophe; there’s nothing wrong about it, but you should know if it’s still strong enough to withstand another one.

Foundation inspection

While a standard home inspection will identify large cracks and other conspicuous faults in the foundation, you will need a thorough foundation inspection for recognizing major issues, such as foundation sliding. The inspector can also give you the estimated repair cost and for how long can the building hold up to the safety standards.

Pests and Termites

These creepy creatures can make your life miserable if left untreated. The worst part is, it’d be already too late until the evidence of pest infestation becomes apparent. However, a pest and termite inspection report can anticipate the infestation so you can take measures in time to nip it in the bud.


Asbestos is found in the insulation of most homes built until the 1980s; when airborne, it can trigger various respiratory diseases, which might cost you more than just medical bills. Therefore, when you are buying an older home, never skimp on asbestos inspection.

Septic or Sewer System

A clogged or broken septic system can be disastrous; therefore, it is important to be doubly sure that everything’s working fine. City homes are generally connected to the sewer system, but things are different for homes on the outskirts. You don’t want to always live in fear of leakage or blockage in the septic system, do you?

Radon inspection

Radon is a poisonous gas, and its long-term exposure can be fatal. Radon presence cannot be detected with a standard inspection. It requires a different set of tools altogether. If you are looking at a home which is suspected to have elevated levels of radon, ordering radon inspection will let you know for sure.
So, these are the types of home inspections you can order before buying a property. Always remember that a home inspection is a one-time expense that can potentially save you thousands of dollars down the years.