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Is a Home Inspection Required for Homeowners Insurance

By August 14, 2019March 29th, 2024Home Inspections

A home inspection report portrays the integrity of the property. But most insurance companies see it as documented proof of the condition of the house and not a pass-fail event. Heave a sigh of relief because it is possible to have homeowners insurance without the customary home inspection.
However, a home inspection may be required if the home is older than 25 years. The insurance company wants to make sure they are not getting a huge liability on board. This is why they may even perform a 4-point inspection before qualifying the homeowner for the insurance.
What do home insurance inspectors look for?
A home insurance company would never qualify a property which is at the brink of collapsing. In order to minimize the risk, the inspector will check floors, ceilings and walls for potential hazards. They will also be vigilant about any liability in the making.
The next thing they will look into is the quality of the construction material as well as additional features built on the existing structure. Besides, they will also check the condition of electrical, plumbing and heating systems that may need maintenance or repair in the foreseeable future.
How can you prepare your home for insurance inspection and avoid disagreements?

Start with clearing up the clutter to make your home presentable. It’s no different than staging your property for sale. Remove any potential fire hazards which may be lying in plain sight. It shouldn’t take more than an hour to get everything in order. After all, it’s worth your time and efforts.

Also, there’s a couple of things you need to keep handy as the insurance inspector arrives.

  • If part of your property has been renovated lately, the inspector would like to see the receipts. It’s important you keep those handy.
  • Valid documents entailing the dimensions of the home.
  • A list of safety devices, such as a burglar alarm, CCTV cameras, smoke detectors, flood sensors, etc.

Home inspection for home insurance isn’t something you should worry about if you already have a standard home inspection done by a qualified inspector.

Before calling up your insurance provider, it is advised to get a detailed inspection report, which can be used for structural improvements. That way, no insurance firm should deny you the home insurance.