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What To Do Before a Home Inspection?

As you plan on selling a residential property, you must make sure that your house is prepared for a home inspection session.

But, I’ve maintained it well, and everything works great. So, why should I bother?

Well, even if you’ve put your best efforts in maintaining this property, a home inspection session can X-Ray your house for an in-depth report regarding faults.

Your best bet? Prepare better and be double sure with the following tips.

Have a Good Look At The Roof

Your property’s roof is something that may get damaged by nature without you knowing. Which is why it’ll be better if you manually climb up and have a good look.

If any parts on the roof are broken or damaged, try to get it repaired before the home inspection session. Small issues that can be fixed easily must be cleared at all costs. Or they’ll leave a bad impression for no good reason.

Clean Up The Entire House

Talk about impression and a dirty house will leave a bad one. Plus, if there’ll be dust, the home inspector may have a health inconvenience and difficulty finding out about scratches and spots.

This will be a red flag for the buyers. So, what’s the point? Get it cleaned up, it won’t take long.

Replace Fused Bulbs and Lights

A fused bulb may make the inspectors assume things about your house’s health. They may think that the electricals in your property aren’t functioning correctly. Or maybe that you haven’t taken good care of your property.

In both the cases, your purpose of reaping the best amount out of this deal will be defeated.

Make Sure That All Areas Are Accessible

You give the inspectors a reason to assume, and they will assume; just not in your favor.

So, for example, if there’s an area in your house that isn’t approachable. Or is closed with a lost key, the inspector may feel fishy. This, when conveyed to the buyer will get them thinking and (maybe) reconsidering too.

It’s important for you to understand how some careless mistakes can cost you money. So, better keep yourself safe from these.