While many regions in the country and the world lack water that is fit for drinking, Maine’s water is comparatively cleaner and healthier for drinking. Clean water is one of the most important factors you should consider when buying a new home, especially when the property in question does not get municipal water supply. Your realtor and lawyer will need proof that you have completed a water quality test for the property.

The types and levels of contaminants may vary, and the solution will also vary accordingly. You may spend a few hundreds of dollars on a solution that cleans the water coming from the sink, to thousands of dollars that will clean the water at the source. However, it is advisable that a professional performs the water quality testing and comes up with a detailed report to help you decide on the right solution.

Importance of Water Quality Testing in Maine

Alpha Building Inspections understands the importance of water quality in real estate and how it affects your health. Minor contaminants may not affect the health of a healthy adult but can be devastating for pregnant women, babies, senior citizens and people with weak immune system. Apart from this, bad water quality can depreciate the property’s value by as much as 15 percent in Maine.

Our expertise in Water Quality Testing in Maine works both ways, for buyers as well as sellers. Sellers can get the property’s water tested to ensure that the water in their property is fit for drinking and can quote a fair price based on that. In case the buyer finds out that the water quality in the property they are interested in is not up to the standards, they can request for a proper solution or get the quoted price reduced.

Get in touch with us for a detailed report on water quality of your property in Maine because we care to provide you and your family the cleanest possible tap water as much as you do.