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A roof vent pipe that is covered to keep debris out.

Should a Roof Vent Pipe Be Covered?

Have you ever found yourself staring up at your roof, puzzled by the various components, lost in a sea of shingles? You're not alone. Specifically, many homeowners wonder about the purpose of the roof vent…
Steve Mangekian
March 20, 2024
How to align garage door sensors
Home Maintenance

How To Align Garage Door Sensors

For homeowners, a properly functioning garage is more than a convenience—it's a vital component of home safety and security. Regular maintenance, including aligning garage door sensors, is essential to ensure seamless operation. Picture arriving home…
Steve Mangekian
January 25, 2024
How to install attic ladder

How to Install Attic Ladders

How you utilize and access your attic can significantly enhance a home's functionality and value. The decision to install attic ladders can pave the way for effortless access to additional storage or even transform the…
Steve Mangekian
October 10, 2023