Using septic tanks for collecting wastewater keeps infections and diseases at bay. A lot of people do not pay attention to septic tank maintenance because they feel it’s a sheer waste of time, money and effort. However, experienced property owners are well aware of the consequences of not conducting a septic tank inspections.

The problems it brings along

An uninspected septic tank ends up contaminating the water bodies nearby if the effluents aren’t treated adequately. The moment this untreated wastewater comes in contact with groundwater, people in the neighbourhood run the risk of contracting various waterborne diseases. Also, if this water reaches the streams, then swimming areas and shellfish beds might end up getting affected. This can cause a large-scale problem.

FAQs about septic tank management

What happens when a septic system fails?
Usually, septic system failures are followed by drainfield malfunctioning. Whenever a septic tank begins to overflow, the effluents tend to pass to the drainfield. This clogs up the pipes, causing your toilets and sinks to malfunction. Slow draining pipelines and toilets also highlight the fact that your house’s septic tank system has started to malfunction.
How can septic tank failure be prevented?
Regular maintenance is key. If you want your house’s septic system to work properly, you need to get regular check-ups conducted. Get your septic system Inspected on an annual basis and pump as needed. Also, it is advisable to use water judiciously.

Septic inspections in Maine

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So, it is time to take septic tank inspections a bit seriously. Staying alert will go a long way in preventing an epidemic.