What is Radon?

Radon, in the simplest of terms, is a radioactive gas that is formed when uranium decays naturally in soil and/or rocks. It has the tendency to seep into buildings through cracks and other unexpected openings. In the absence of an adequate ventilation system, radon presence in indoor air can reach alarming levels. And it is not possible to detect its presence without a radon testing kit.
It cannot be smelled or felt, but long-term exposure to Radon can cause lung cancer. In fact, exposure to Radon happens to be the leading cause of lung cancer among those who don’t smoke.

How can Radon be detected?

In order to detect the presence of Radon, you need to get a Radon test conducted in the lowest livable area within your house (Given that it is used for 8-10 hours a week on a regular basis). You need to conduct inspections regularly in order to ensure you stay healthy and disease free.

Radon testing in Maine

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Radon can be dangerous

Radon is a lethal gas and causes lung-related diseases. It cannot be smelled or sensed, which makes it even more dangerous. All of us, as individuals, want to keep our family safe. Radon levels in and around the house can be controlled with timely intervention. Don’t wait for the situation to slip out of hand.
Don’t let Radon snatch away your happiness. Act right away.