You can schedule an appointment online with our Salem building inspector anytime. Upon receiving your order request, we will arrange the building inspection at a time that’s convenient for you. We operate 7 days a week so that you never have to wait another day for your inspector to show up.

Whether commercial or residential, it’s not uncommon for a building to have structural defects. And we can say that confidently because we have spent 3 decades honing our expertise assessing buildings of all shapes and sizes.

We carry Errors and Omissions and general liability insurance so you can feel more comfortable letting our building inspector walk in and out the door and access difficult areas that require someone who is trained and insured.

Home Inspections in Salem, New Hampshire

Have you ever felt the floor opening up under you? If not, try buying a home without a thorough inspection. The regret is real and it lasts for the long haul. Why risk your life’s savings and peace of mind? Order a home inspection in Salem before signing the dotted line.

Two to three hours of home inspection can save you tons of money and hassles down the line. Plus, you get to enjoy the ownership without worrying about any safety hazard.

Whether major or minor, any defect that we find should help you knock hundreds of dollars off the asking price and make an informed decision. With a detailed inspection report in your hand, it’s difficult for anyone to dupe you into a bad purchase.

Why Choose Us for Building Inspection?

  • Alpha Building Inspections is a member of Inter-NACHI and holds certification in building inspection and radon testing.
  • We can provide a sample report beforehand so you know what all will be included in our thorough inspection.
  • We offer inspections 7 days a week and let you be part of the process so you have firsthand knowledge of the issues.
  • We perform over 1000 inspections a year, which is a testimony to our reputation that spans far and wide.

Get in touch with our Salem building inspector to book an appointment. If you have any query related to home inspection, we’d be happy to assist you.